November 23, 2009

Favorite Christmas Memory

I have so many favorite Christmas memories because my parents really made an effort to make Christmas special for us. One of my favorites is when I was a preteen and wanted my own TV for my bedroom so bad. My parents kept telling me that they couldn't afford it and it just wasn't going to happen that year so I should stop asking for it. Well, on Christmas morning after we had opened all of our gifts my dad came over to me and said "Is that it? Are you sure that there are no more gifts?" He then looks behind the chair I was sitting in and comes up with a remote control. He kissed my cheek and said "Merry Christmas". He then sent me and my brother on a hunt around the house looking for the TV! It was a TV with a built-in VCR! That was an awesome Christmas!

Happy Holidays! Read some more memories at Go Graham Go and Jolly Mom.


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