March 9, 2010

Wisk’s NEW “Pimp My Laundry Room” contest

This whole month you have a chance to win a brand new laundry room including a new Whirlpool washer/dryer set, a year's supply of Wisk detergent and a guest spot on TV's Designing Spaces!  If I had a laundry room of my own, I would enter this contest.  All you have to do is film a video telling them why you should be chosen as the winner and post it at  You could be chosen as a finalist who will win a year's supply of Wisk HE detergent and possibly be picked as the big winner!!

This contest runs from March 1-29, 2010 and the finalists will be featured on from April 12-19.  The winner will be chosen through votes so tell all your friends and family to vote for you.  Their votes also enters them for a year's supply of Wisk detergent.  Please let me know if you enter and are chosen as a finalist.  I will vote for you!

Good luck!

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