April 28, 2010

Canker Covers {REVIEW}

Do you get canker sores?  If you do, you know the agony that can accompany these sores that are found inside your mouth.  I am one of those people who suffers from canker sores.  It is one of the most painful things that I have experienced because anytime you eat or drink anything that isn't water there is a searing pain at the sore.  They also tend to locate right at the point where your cheek and gums meet, so it rubs all day long and gets even more irritated.  I just hate them!

I'm so happy that I found Canker Covers!  A Canker Cover is a clear, gel patch that you can put on the canker sore which not only helps it heal faster, but it protects the sore from irritating food and drink.  Once you place the tablet on your sore, it will begin to release pain-relieving menthol, beta-carotene and other natural ingredients onto the sore while provinding a protective barrier from other irritants.   Canker Covers are all-natural and made from edible ingredients that will dissolve with 8-12 hours and while it normally only takes one patch to treat a sore, sometimes the sore will be so stubborn that it will reqire two. 

What did I think?

I love this product!  I got a canker sore and put one of these patches on before going to bed one night.  When I woke up, the sore was much less irritated and there was no pain!  A couple of days later, the sore is completely gone.  This is one product that I will definitely look for when I get a canker sore.  I've tried other products that are basically topical pain relievers and they are no help at all.  Canker Covers really was an easy and effective product to use!

Where can you buy them?

Canker Covers are available for $9.99 for a 6-patch box at drugstores, supermarkets and health food stores nationwide or on the Canker Covers website.  You can also print up a rebate coupon for $1.50 back at the Canker Covers website!

Disclosure:  I was not paid for this review.  I was sent a sample box of Canker Covers and gave my honest opinion of the product.
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