April 25, 2010

Grill Daddy Pro {REVIEW}

Is your grill filthy like mine?  All the scrubbing in the world can't get rid of some of the baked-on, caked-on food that lives in the grill grates.  Believe me, I have tried cleaning the grill!  Well, I think I have found the answer to all of our grill cleaning problems!  It's called the Grill Daddy Pro and it is a pro at getting those grates sparkling clean!  Recent studies have shown that more and more women are cooking outdoors.  In fact, over 34 million women are using a grill a couple times per week with about 3.4 million women using the grill daily (Propane Education & Research Council)!  I guess we can't call the grill the man's place anymore, huh?

The Grill Daddy Pro uses steam to help get the baked-on food off the grates and sanitize those grates!  It helps your food taste better because there is no more residue from your last meal.  It also sanitizes the cleaning head using the same steam.  No longer is there nasty buildup on the brush head because it's steamed away while you are cleaning.  The Grill Daddy Pro is safe for porcelin, steel and iron grates whether they are hot or cold (of course, the steam portion only works when the grates are very hot).  It comes in three models, the Original Grill Daddy, the Grill Daddy Pro and the commercial-grade, metal-alloy Grill Daddy Platinum!

In the above pictures, you can see the ergonomic handle that keeps your hands away from the hot grill and steam.  It really is very easy to use and not hard on your back because there are two distinct handles that give you great leverage to scrub.

What did I think?

I think this is one of the best products for the grill that I have seen!  There is one flaw but overall, it is a winner!  It got the grill sparkling clean and was very easy to use.

Here is what my grill looked like after cooking some steaks for dinner:

Can you see the caked-on mess?  Yuck!  Normally my husband just blasts the grill with heat and scrubs until his arms are shaking, but this time I scrubbed!  I used the steam option by heating the grill until it was very hot and filling the handle with water.  There is a lever on the Grill Daddy Pro that you open to allow the water to drip through onto the grates and create steam.  My biggest problem with the Grill Daddy Pro was that the water leaked out of the handle.  It was probably a flaw in the plastic and it wasn't a horrible leak, but it still leaked.  Anyways, after some scrubbing with steam here is what the grill looked like:

That's pretty darn clean, if you ask me!  The Grill Daddy Pro is staying attached to my grill forever.  One of the best things about the product is that you can buy replacement heads so you won't have to replace the entire thing if you just need a new brush head.  Love it!

Where can you buy it?

The Grill Daddy's start at $19.95 for the Original model.  They can be ordered thrugh the website here and are also available at Home Depot, Walgreen's, CVS, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Ace Hardware, Tru Value, Target.com and Amazon.com.

Go get one of these for your hubby for Father's Day or even buy one for yourself for Mother's Day!  You deserve it!

Disclosure:  I was not paid for this review by The Grill Daddy.  I was sent a product sample to review and gave my honest opinion of the product.

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