April 23, 2010

PureVia All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener {REVIEW}

I try my hardest to keep sugar consumption to a minimum however I don't enjoy ingesting artificial products, including artificial sweeteners.  Natural sweeteners have become quite the rage over the last few years and the stevia plant seems to be the source that is used most often in natural sweeteners.  I was offered the opportunity to review PureVia, an all natural zero calorie sweetener made from the stevia plant. Immediately, I jumped at the chance because I am always looking for the best option and each product is slightly different in texture and flavor.

PureVia is made using the natural extract of the stevia plant called Reb A.  Reb A is 200 times sweeter than sugar is and has no calories.  PureVia then brews the stevia plant, similar to brewing tea, to extract all the sweetness ending in the purification process using ethanol, made naturally from cane sugar.  PureVia also comes packaged in eco-friendly packaging.  Their cartons are made from 100% recycled fiber with 35% post-consumer content.  Their ink is even environmentally friendly, made from naturally renewable sources like soy and other vegetable oils.  Not only can you feel good about adding PureVia to your food and drinks, you can be proud that you are not mucking up the environment!

What did I think?

I really liked this product!  I added a packet of PureVia to a cup of brewed hot tea and was happy with the sweetness.  I probably could have used a little bit less, but I'm a lover of sweets!  There was no artificial aftertaste which would make sense because PureVia is all natural.  I would love to try this product in a cold drink, too.  In the hot drink, PureVia's sweetness flowed evenly throughout the drink so every sip was sweet and I wonder if the same would happen in a cold drink or if it would all sink to the bottom.  I'm looking forward to testing it out in iced tea or sangria this summer! 

Where can you buy it?

PureVia is sold at most major grocery stores and reailers including Safeway, Rite Aid and Whole Foods.  those were the local stores that come up when I serched with my zip code here.

Disclosure:  I was not paid for this review.  I was sent a sample of the product and gave my honest opinion.
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