April 16, 2010

UBP '10 After Party Post!

I hate for a party to end so I'm excited that this one will continue on!  This was such a fun party to attend!  I've met all sorts of new bloggers and look forward to continuing to visit the 2000+ blogs on the original list.  Phew!  That sounds like a lot of work!

Like I said above, I've been able to visit quite a few blogs over the past week and had some lovely bloggers visit me but the three that stand out in my head are:  Thrifty Portland Mom (she's a local blogger!), Cupcake Mommie's Menus (because I love cupcakes!) and Dragondreamer's Lair (sheis a doll & so witty!).  Head over to 5 Minutes for Mom's After Party Post to see what blogs other people love!

I had a fun party and will continue to visit because I hate to see a good party end!
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  1. This has been a fun week.
    Cupcake Mommies Menus sounds good.
    Feel free to visit mine if you like.

  2. I found your blog thru the Ultimate Blog Party. Its pretty neat. I really enjoying checking out these Blogs

  3. Oh my Gosh this makes me so hungry for a cupcake!! I found your link at the After Blog Party links. I will be back!!

  4. The UBP was fun eh?!



  5. Stopping in to say Hello from the UBP after party! I'd love you stop by if you have the chance!


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