April 1, 2010

Yoplait YoPlus Light {REVIEW}

Another yogurt review?  Yes, I know this is my third post about Yoplait, but Yoplait was so kind as to send me three different types of yogurt to review, thus three different posts. 

This post is about the new Yoplus Light!  I have been a fan of Yoplus since it was released in it's original form, however my one disappointment has always been the amount of sugar and calories in each cup.  I am a woman who is careful about what I put into my body and who has to watch my sugar and calorie intake.  I am happy to announce that Yoplait has reformulated Yoplus to improve the nutrition and lower the calories by 1/3!

I received two boxes of Yoplus Light to review, Strawberry Banana and Honey Vanilla. I was very happy with the flavor and creamy texture of both.  I love the fact that there are 20% of the daily value of antioxidants like vitamins A & E, a special blend of probiotics and dietary fiber for digestive health and calcium and vitamin D for bone health.  All of these wonderful things with 1/3 of the calories and all the flavor of the original formula.  I have always been a fan of Yoplus and now am a fan of Yoplus Light!  Hopefully, Yoplait will be releasing more flavors besides Strawberry, Honey Vanilla and Key Lime Pie in the very near future.  I would love to see Peach, Strawberry and Blueberry added to the lineup.

Where can I buy it?

Yoplus Light can be purchased at all major supermarkets and retail outlets for $2.79 per 4 pack of 4 oz. cups. 


Disclosure:  I was sent a product sample to review from Yoplait in exchange for my honest opinion of their product.  No monetary compensation was received.
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