May 27, 2010

It's a Social Parade Friday Follower Blog Hop (5/28)!

I'm all for starting Friday a little bit early!  Here's a great blog hop to join over at Smart and Trendy Moms called Social Parade Follower Friday Blog-Hop.  There are a few rules:

1.  Follow Smart and Trendy Moms first and foremost.  they deserve some follow-love!
2.  Write a blog post about Social Parade and link to that post on the linky.
3.  Add the button to your post (don't need to add it to your sidebar).
4.  Start having fun and following new blogs.  Make sure to leave a comment so that they know you are following from It's a Social Parade and they can follow you in return.

Have fun and a great Memorial Day weekend!
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  1. Hey!stopping by from Social PArade! I already follow you but I would love for you to stop by my blog too! :)

  2. been following but wanted to say your cupcakes at the top make me hungery

  3. Thanks for linking up!! I am already following:) Have a great day!
    Smart and Trendy Moms

  4. Thanks for following!! I'm here returning the favour!!

  5. Following you from Social Parade! :) Those cupcakes look yummy!

  6. I LOVE your blog! It's awesome, and CUTE!

    I'm here from the Social Parade!
    I'm a follower now. =)

  7. Found you through FSP, I'm following now! Love the cupcakes!

  8. Thank you for stopping by the blog. We're following you now!

  9. following from Friday Follow, PLease follow back:)

  10. Thank for stopping by! I'm following you back :)

  11. Following you from Social Parade! Stop by and follow me back at
    Have a great weekend!

  12. I am stopping by from the Social Parade Blog Hop and am now a follower.

  13. Great blog! Like it!
    Following your blog now, come follow mine and say hi:)

  14. Hey! New follower from the blog hop :D I love you layout!

    Feel free to check out my blogs through the links on my profile.

  15. Stopping by from the SP, following you now :)

    did you make those cupcakes up top? They look so yummy!!!

  16. Hi There,
    I'm stopping by from It's A Social Parade, and I am your newest follower.

    You sure have a great looking blog, and quite taste as well it seems:)

    Have a wonderful day and a great holiday weekend!

    Frugal Mom from
    Frugality Is Free and
    Print Your Coupons – All of Your Printable Coupons in One Place

  17. I am following from Social Parade.

    I am a mom of 5+ (I keep taking in teenage boys...3 so far). I lost my 15 year old son 3 years ago in a tragic go-cart accident. I am trying to connect with other grieving mothers. Please feel free to follow and pass on to anyone you think would be interested in connecting with me.

  18. Following you from Friday Social Parade!
    Please follow me back:
    Saving $$ Going Green (also grocery deal matchups)

  19. New follower here- please follow me back at

    Happy Friday!!

  20. Stopping by via the Social Parade. It's nice to meet you :) I'm now Following your blog :)

    Have a Great Holiday Weekend!

    Jill @ Frugal Plus

  21. Hi Jennifer, I'm your latest follower a day late, but here I am! Please drop by my blog and do the same for me?

    Also I wanted to mention that when I get a respectable number of followers I will be having a series of Vera Bradley purse giveaways to celebrate and I hope that you will stop by and enter!

    J. Claire


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