June 1, 2010

Dove Daily Treatment Conditioners & Glee For All Giveaway {REVIEW}

My hair is naturally curly and has always been very thick so I am constantly looking for a better conditioner to keep my hair soft and supple and manageable.  That's why I was so excited to receive not one but two different kinds of Dove Daily Conditioner; Intensive Repair and Daily Moisture!

Here's what Dove has to say about their new Daily Conditioners:

Dove introduces NEW Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner providing women the nourishment of a treatment in the time it takes to condition your hair for instant smoothness. The most advanced repair technology ever from Dove, it helps repair damage inside the hair fiber and strengthens hair.

The new thick, rich formula provides a luxurious treatment feel to restore softness and smoothness in the time of a daily conditioner. It contains Fiber Active technology that works to penetrate deep inside the hair strand to help rebind damaged proteins; patented Micro Moisture serum helps repair the surface of hair by sealing lifted cuticles to help protect against future damage.

What Did I Think?

I love this conditioner!  The scent is very pleasant but not overwhelming and it really works!  My hair is so soft and manageable without being heavy or greasy.  It also helps to keep those flyaways down.  I have been converted!  Lately, I have been using a different cheap conditioner just because I'm sick of paying an arm and a leg for hair products that don't work but now I've found an affordable option that I'm happy with the results.  So, I would recommend this product to anyone with hair that needs a little more moisture on a daily basis.  You can buy Dove products at most major retailers including stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens and most grocery and drug stores.

Do you watch "Glee"?  Dove is also running an awesome promotion right now with Lea Michele from the TV show "Glee" where you can enter to win a trip to the "Glee" set!  Visit www.dovegleeforall.com to enter and also to check out cool things on the site like special tour rehearsal videos of Lea Michele, exclusive footage from the Glee tour, haircare messages from celebrity stylist Gretta Monahan and Dove Hair Care product information.  Watch this cute commercial with Lea Michele!

Thanks so much to Dove for providing me with these Dove Daily Treatment Conditioners to try out!

Disclaimer:  I received free product from Dove to try and give my honest opinion.  I did not receive any monetary compensation nor was I under any obligation to use the product or write a positive review.
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