June 9, 2010

Roll those dice! (Winner Announced)

I've got a winner of the Las Vegas Crystal Dice keychain! 

Congratulations to #3 - lina!

I've emailed the winner who has 48 hours to respond.  Thanks for entering!
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  1. if we could afford to we'd definitely be checking out other options. However, our close friend has 2 bedroom apartment there already, adn we're just trying to get added to his elase, instead of getting our own place.

    the only other way we could afford aplace would be to do income based housing, and the town we are moving to is really big and its low income areas are really dangerous. The entire town scares me, honestly, haha. but the place we are (hopefully) moving to is a gated community so only people who have the code can get in, and you have to buzz your way up if you dont have a key, etc. so thats the only reason why im okay with it, haha.

    we could probably get a low income apartment in the town we're in now, but we're move than half an hour from my school so it's just the most practical to live in the town we're moving to.

    the place is nice and oru friend hasnt had any issues living there until he started trying to get us on his lease. i thin it'll be fine when we get in...it's just getting there!


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