July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us! - Shutterfly Invitations {REVIEW}

When planning a birthday party, or any other party, the first thing that I think about is the invitations.  How am I going to let everyone know about this party?  Will there be a theme?  How about getting the word out about the time and location?  Well, there is some good news!  Shutterfly offers you a way to create cute invitations!  There are a multitude of different layouts with some even allowing you to add a photo of the guest, or guests, of honor!

Since it is both my husband's and my birthday this month, we decided to throw a joint birthday party.  Neither one of us like to be the center of attention all that much so we're sharing it this birthday!  Shutterfly had so many great choices that we had to sit down and think about what mood we wanted to set for this party.  Did we want to have a formal or informal party?  Invitations really do set the expectations of your guests.  We finally decided on this BBQ-themed invitation since one of our favorite things to do is hang out with our family and friends and enjoy delicious food that we have cooked on the BBQ!

Aren't these adorable?  These are not the exact invitations that I created (the name and address has been changed to protect the innocent) but the overall layout is identical to the cards that I received.  The colors are so vibrant in person and they are the perfect size at 4x5, not too big and not too small.  To me, this sets the stage for a fun and informal party!  The process was very easy and quick!  You just choose your invitation, add a photo if the layout calls for it and type in your information.  The checkout process is user-friendly and I only had to wait 1 day before the invitations were shipped out!  They arrived a few days later and were packed in a box so as to protect the integrity of the cards which I appreciated.  Incredible service!

How can you buy some?

Shutterfly offers invitations for everything from birthday parties to baby showers and range in price from $0.40 to $1.49 per invitation.  That is very affordable considering the invitations are custom invitations and include the envelopes. 

So, the next time you are throwing a party and need affordable, custom invitations, visit Shutterfly and create your own!  It's a great way to get your guests excited about your party!

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated with money for this post.  I was offered sample invitations in exchange for my honest opinion of the process and product.  I was not required to use the product or post a positive review.
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  1. I heart Shutterfly - I did not even think that the would do invitations! Thanks for sharing:)


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