September 22, 2010

Marlo Thomas is going digital!

Marlo Thomas has always been a known, trusted, successful actress and she's now starting her own website, partnering with AOL, at  Marlo's website will be a great place for all women to connect, share and support each other in a digital, online setting.  She will find and profile amazing women who have inspired others to be better women.  Her first feature about Lu Picard of Torrington, Conn. is up right now so head over there and watch it, then nominate a woman that inspires you!  Just email Marlo at with your own nomination.  Marlo's also on Twitter and Facebook so keep up with all the updates to the website at those sites, too!

What can you expect from Marlo on, Twitter and Facebook?

·         original content - stories, posts, videos, and photos
·         great conversations, laughs and inspiration
·         observations on popular culture and news
·         entertaining clips of "Free to Be You and Me" and "That Girl"
·         galleries of celebrity images
·         family photos
·         ...and a lot more

Head over there and connect with other inspiring and inspired women!

Disclosure:  I am writing this post in exchange for a chance to win a $25 gift card from Global Influence.
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