September 27, 2010

Shoes by CSN Stores {REVIEW}

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by CSN Stores to do a review of any product I chose on the website (well, any product under a certain dollar amount).  I know what you are thinking; how could she possibly chose just one thing on a website that has 200+ stores of products available?  Let me tell you, it was difficult.  I was able to narrow down the selection to shoes because I love shoes!  My husband can attest to this!  Since I got my new job as a bank teller, I've struggled with sore and tired feet at the end of each day.  After all, I'm standing for hours on end.  This opportunity to review a product came at the perfect time!  I went right to Women's Shoes and started shopping!

I chose these babies...aren't they pretty?  I love that they are charcoal instead of severe black.  Naturalizer shoes are such a good brand and I constantly am reading reviews about how they are still comfortable even after a long day.  After a full 8 hours of work, I am happy to report that my feet were not nearly as sore and tired as when I wear other shoes.  I mean, they do get a little sore just because of the fact that I'm on them for such a long period of time, but these shoes really did help keep my feet from getting overly tired.

One of the best things about CSN Stores is the ability to shop for shoes, kitchen supplies and pet supplies all in the same place! Where else can you find such high-end products at such awesomely low prices?  It's so easy to shop at CSN Stores, too, because the checkout process is very simple.  There are just a few clicks and it gets even easier after you purchase your first item because your account is all set up and you just have to verify the items that you want to buy!  They usually get the items out to you the next business day and you'll have it by the next week.  CSN Stores is definitely worth looking into the next time you want to go shopping online!

Disclosure:  I was given the opportunity to review a product from CSN Stores worth less than $60 and give my honest opinion of the product as well as the experience on CSN Stores website.  I was not obligated to write a positive review about the product.
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  1. I like CSN, too. Just yesterday I got a coffee maker I ordered from them a few days ago.


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