October 7, 2010

barista bath and body Products {REVIEW}

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned my love of coffee before but if you are a new reader or have a bad memory, I LOVE coffee!  I love the taste and the color and the smell!  Imagine my surprise when I came across barista bath and body products.  Could there really be a company that created bath & body products using actual coffee?  And, could it actually be that these products are manufactured in my state?  The answers are yes and yes!  barista bath and body was founded by a team of women (all family) who just wanted their hair to look and feel good without all those fillers and chemicals.  Might I also add that they love coffee?  Here's the story directly from their website:

our story

We were all having a bad hair day – mother, daughter, and niece. While commiserating over our unanimous beverage of choice, coffee, we realized that how our hair looks on any given day impacts how we feel. After countless trips to cosmetics counters, specialty stores and drug stores, we continued to find ourselves unable to purchase a shampoo which would give our hair volume, shine and bounce.

necessity is the mother of invention

As three businesswomen with more than 50 years of combined experience in engineering, business development and consulting, we decided to take a purely business-like approach to a very personal issue. 
From this endeavor barista bath and body sprang to life – a line of natural beauty products that are safe, effective and designed to complement the body’s natural capacities. 
We researched hair – its basic chemistry and the factors that impact the health and appearance of hair – and defined a list of beneficial ingredients. One of the ingredients that met all our criteria was coffee.
Equipped with a list of attributes, performance criteria and preferred ingredients, we met with chemists, estheticians, and cosmetic laboratories to help us develop our product line. We tested countless formulations before we found the shampoo we all adored.
Instead of relying on harsh chemicals that strip your hair and skin of its inherent beauty, barista bath and body products contain brewed coffee, ground coffee, coffee seed oil, essential oils and natural ingredients that support the body’s ability to rejuvenate. Our formulations are free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates that disrupt the body’s natural capacities.
We believe in our products – we formulated them to make a difference. Great thought has also gone into our production footprint. We care about the world now and in the future – our products are manufactured in the U.S., all of our bottles are recyclable, our bags and boxes are made of natural materials, and our fill is bio-degradable.
Our “coffee in the raw” products – designed for both women and men – are performance-driven to bring the delight and bliss of coffee to the bath.

I love this amazing story of ingenuity and thought!  You can also find some incredible information about why they chose coffee on the website.  They have obviously done extensive research about coffee and it's properties when it comes to cleansing skin and hair.

I received an i'll take that to go gift set from barista and I've been thrilled with all the products that are included!  The kit contains 2 oz. sizes of perk it up, soothe those jitters, triple shot and room for cream in a natural burlap envelope.  The first morning I used the products, I noticed that just the smell of coffee helps wake me up!  The shampoo and body wash are the most fragrant of the four products so they were naturally my favorite.  In fact, I almost had to stop myself from just tipping the bottle up and taking a sip!  It smells exactly like a hot brewed cup of coffee!  I also love how the shampoo cleanses my hair but doesn't leave it feeling stripped of oils.  With my naturally curly hair, I can't use shampoo with all the chemicals because it ends up leaving my hair frizzy and uncontrollable.  barista products didn't do this at all!  In fact, I really like how the products made my hair and skin feel soft and smooth without drying either one.

If you are looking for products without all the chemicals that also smell divine and can help you absorb more antioxidants through your skin, barista products are for you!  Check out the website and the science behind coffee as bath & body products!

Disclosure:  I received sample products in exchange for my honest opinion of the products.  I did not receive any other form of compensation nor was I required to write a positive review.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I'm just popping over from Simply Stacie.

    This sounds like a very interesting company with some great products.

    I knew about its effects on cellulite, but not on premature hair loss or reducing the risk of skin cancer! '

    I bet it is a great "jolt" to go with a nice hot shower :) Thanks for the review, I will have to look into the products they offer.

  2. I've never heard of their products - how cool that they smell just like coffee! Mmmmmm....

    Now you just need to pass the word along for them to make bath and body items that smell like chocolate, then I'd be all set.


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