December 30, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide - Parisi Artisan Coffee {REVIEW}

I'm starting to think that I should change the focus of my blog to coffee because that seems to be one of the major topics that I discuss!  Oh well, what's not to love about coffee, right?  The rich, fragrant scent and the beautiful deep color of the beans.  I don't know too many people who don't drink coffee on a daily basis.  That's why I'm so thrilled when I find a new coffee company and am able to tell you all about how delicious the coffee tastes!  In fact, I was recently sent two different roasts of coffee from Parisi Artisan Coffee which is located in Kansas City, MO.

We categorize espressos two ways; Italian Style and Seattle Style. The Italian espressos are lighter and sweeter in flavor profile, with a rich crema. The Seattle Style espressos, designed to penetrate flavor through milk, are darker and smokier.

Italian Inspired

Italian roasters have inspired us to new heights in espresso creation. Joe Paris, the co-founder of Parisi, has spent years studying Italian espressos. During his many trips to Italy, Joe has met with the premier Italian Roasters, including Sant Eustacio owner Roberto Ricci. The June 2005 Coffee Almanac ranked Sant Eustacio as one of the top cafes in all of Rome.

Our roast master studies origins carefully and records traits of certain coffees for potential use in our espresso arsenal. His espressos are as simple as a single origin and some contain up to six components.

"With espresso, we ask ourselves how a particular blend does combined with milk or soy, on ice, or in its purest form, the shot," John says.

We received two bags of whole bean coffee from Parisi Artisan Coffee to try at home and fell in love with both!  First of all, the aromas that emanated from the box were absolutely heavenly!  If I could get away with a perfume that smelled like coffee, I would wear it everyday because the scent of coffee beans just makes me happy.  Secondly, the bags are beautiful!  I love the color and design.  It reminds me of Italy and walking along the roads looking at the famous ruins and then turning around and seeing a cute little corner cafe where the barista is wearing a tuxedo and moving at the speed of light!

One of the bags contained the Espresso Parisi beans.  This coffee is bold and flavorful yet not overly acidic.  We brew this coffee in our normal coffee pot and it turns out perfect every time!  We've also used a coarse grind on it and brewed it in our French Press pot and it was amazing!  So much flavor with not too much acidity.

The second bag we received was the Bolivia blend.  It was a little less bold than the Espresso but had just as much flavor.  On the bag it mentions hints of milk chocolate and honeysuckle which is right on.  We did not make this one in our French Press but have enjoyed it in the drip machine very much!

If you have a coffee lover in your life, you must head over to the Parisi Artisan Coffee website and take a look around.  They are always featuring a new blend of coffee for you to try.  The descriptions are in depth and they even tell you the type of clay the bean was grown in along with the amount of rainfall and altitude!  These folks know their coffee!  The 12 oz. bags begin at $9.00 which sounds a little steep but this coffee is well worth it and for a coffee connoisseur, that is not much at all.  Parisi also sells coffee pots as well as other accessories and they offer gift sets, too!  Just head over there and check it out for yourself!

Disclosure:  I was sent a free sample of the product and was asked to give my honest opinion. No money was exchanged and I was not required to give a positive review.  All opinions are my own.
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  1. Yum! I love trying new coffees--that sounds so good! I don't have a grinder yet, though...I really need to get one so I can try grinding my own.

    BTW, I'm from Twittermoms and I'm following you on GFC and Twitter. :)


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