December 16, 2010

Hopes and Dreams for the New Year...

There are so many aspirations that I have for my life this new year. First and foremost, I hope to talk my stubborn husband into taking the plunge into parenthood.  We are getting older and having children is a dream of mine that I don't plan on letting slip by because of money.  Why is it that most men try to plan everything?  Sometimes you just have to jump into something and have faith that everything will work out alright.  It's so frustrating for me because I want to be a mom so badly and on top of that, everyone asks me when we are having children (why do they have to ask me and how would they react if we were trying and couldn't have kids?) and then when I tell them we are waiting to be more financially sound, they proceed to lecture me about how if you wait until you're ready financially, you'll never have kids.  That's very difficult for me to hear because it's not my decision to wait and I believe that we would be able to make things work regardless of how high or low our income is.
 The next dream goes right along with the first and that is to get our business sold so that we can move on with our lives.  When we first opened our business, it was with incredible hopes and excitement but the last few years have been so difficult on us, both emotionally as well as financially, that neither one of us wants to own this business any longer.  It's such a source of sadness for me because that is really what is keeping me from becoming a mom.  If we had a stable income, my husband wouldn't be so cautious and, unfortunately, being a small business owner in this economy is not stable at all.  We can't own a home because things are so unknown.  Granted, we haven't lost money but we've also worked the last 4 1/2 years without paying ourselves.  We do see the light at the end of the tunnel because we will be moving the business to a different location where we can show a fairly sizable profit and hopefully find a buyer.  We're keeping our fingers crossed that all works out the way we need it to.

Along the same lines as selling our business, we would really like to move back to the southwest.  Both of us were so happy there with the sun shining year round and the amazing restaurants and shopping.  My parents have also bought a home and are spending the winter months so when we do have children, we have free babysitters nearby!  I really miss living in a large metropolitan area although there are definite perks to where we are living right now.  I love seeing our nephew and niece often and watching them as they grow into little people.  They say and do some of the cutest things!  They have also been so helpful at giving my husband some practice with kids.  He's never been around little ones and watching him interact with them has shown me that he will be a great daddy someday!

These are just a few of my dreams for this year.  I would also love to get back to exercising more often and taking care of myself.  I would also like to work on furthering my career.  A nice trip back to Italy would be a wonderful gift, too!
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