January 12, 2011

HK Anderson Pretzels {REVIEW}

I'm not a big fan of salty snacks but when I crave them I love pretzels because they are much lower in calories and saturated fats than potato chips!  Let's face it, most of us need to worry about calories and fat so pretzels are a good alternative to chips.  HK Anderson is a small company that offers a modest but incredibly tasty selection of pretzels including peanut butter filled nuggets, ultra thin salty stix, honey wheat braids and double baked pretzel butter balls.  I think if you're going to only offer a few options, make them the best there is to offer and HK Anderson does just that.

What makes H.K. Anderson pretzels special? We've taken a time-tested winner in the traditional pretzel and made it a unique snacking experience. We combine the wholesome simplicity of the pretzel with an added twist for a memorable snacking treat. You can satisfy your cravings for taste and flavor without having to sacrifice by eating unhealthy. With H.K. Anderson pretzels you can enjoy a guilt-free snacking experience with great taste!

I was fortunate to receive a bag of each of these 4 flavors of pretzels from HK Anderson.  I have to tell you that they were all amazing!  If I had to choose a favorite it would be a difficult choice.  They are all wonderful for different reasons.  The peanut butter filled nuggets are a perfect balance of salty pretzel and smooth peanut butter.  It's a great snack to fill you up and tide you over until your next meal.  I also loved the double baked butter balls.  They tasted, well, like butter!  They were so rich and flavorful I couldn't believe it and I couldn't stop eating them once I started.  Up next was the ultra thin salty stix.  I love that they are so thin and salty.  Perfect for when you are just looking for a typical salty snack.  Last, but certainly not least, is the honey wheat braids.  If I had to choose a favorite, it would be these braids.  They were such a glorious blend of sweet and salty and I could go on eating them forever if I had to.

So, now that I've got your drooling all over your screen with the thought of yummy pretzels, where can you buy them?  Here's one of the best things about HK Anderson; you can buy these pretzels right from their website!  I know, awesome, right?  You can also use the search on the website to locate the closest retailer who carries HK Anderson if you can't wait for them to be shipped to you.  I found that Walmart, Staples and Big Lots all carry these pretzels.  All I can say is that these definitely warrant a quick trip to the store.  HK Anderson has pretzels down!

Disclosure:  I was provided free samples of the product in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to provide a positive review or offer a giveaway in exchange for the free product.
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  1. I love this company! It is a known fact that my family enjoys pretzels, but HK Anderson pretzels were over the top delicious. Love 'em!


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