January 26, 2011

My ideal family getaway!

Since my immediate family currently consists of my husband and myself, we can go anywhere and have a great time!  Our favorites must include lots of sunshine and outdoor activities like Phoenix, San Diego, Hawaii, Florida, etc.  Couple-only vacations are boring, though.  I really can't wait until we have children!  That's when the fun and interesting vacations begin!  SocialMoms and Alamo are looking for some of the most interesting and ideal getaways in the US.  This got me thinking about what my ideal family getaway would be when we have more members of our family.

I would love to take a few weeks and drive across the country to Orlando, Florida to visit Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios Orlando.  My kids will have to be old enough to know and love the Disney characters we will meet in Disney World as well as enjoy the quality time in the car.  One of my favorite vacations was when my family drove across the country and visited family as well as stopped at famous parks and monuments along the way to learn about American history.  We had such a blast in the car (not without many arguments about the seating arrangements) and we also had plenty of laughs along the way.  I would love to give my kids this experience.

A few of the places that I would stop would be Yellowstone Park, Grand Canyon, the Alamo, New Orleans and NASA headquarters.  We would probably have to add in a trip to the golf hall of fame in Florida for my husband.  Along the way, we would also stop to visit family.  I have cousins in Texas and Georgia.  They would probably disown me if I didn't stop to visit while I was in the vicinity!  I really want my kids to build relationships with their relatives even if they don't get to see them often so a trip like this would be an educational as well as enjoyable experience for my family.  In my opinion, families really come together when they spend the quality time together like a very long road trip requires.  There are so many stories and inside jokes that create a bond between family members!

Not only would we enjoy the sightseeing and learn about American history, but I also plan on eating amazing food in all the cities where we stop.  My husband and I love to eat so I expect that when we reproduce, we'll have pretty good eaters on our hands!  American history doesn't only consist of monuments and parks but food has always played a major role in America.  I would love to stop at some of the most obscure restaurants and sample the local fare in the purest form.  I've always said that the best food comes from the most original restaurants and I've witnessed this first hand!

What are your most ideal getaway spots in the United States?  Tell me all about your dream vacation with your family!

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