January 20, 2011

"Working Class" on CMT! {REVIEW}

I don't know about you, but over the past few years I have felt that television shows have really gone downhill.  Maybe that's because I'm from the era where we watched shows like The Cosby Show and Family Ties.  Sitcoms have been replaced by reality shows and that's really sad.  I've always felt that sitcoms (the good ones, at least) are great because they are usually about real life but have some added comic relief built in.  I just finished watching the premiere episode of CMT's new sitcom, Working Class.  This show is a refreshing look at life for Carli (Melissa Peterman from Reba), a single mom of three kids, who decides that she wants to give her kids a better life by moving to the suburbs.  She works in a specialty grocery store deli and ends up with a crush on her boss.

I really like the idea behind this show.  I mean, who of us doesn't want a better life for our kids and is willing to work harder than we ever thought to give that better life to them?  The writing on the show is very cute and the characters, while a little over the top, are fairly true to life.  Carli's kids are just like most kids, completely unaware of the sacrifices that their mother is making to keep them fed and clothed.  I also love the relationship between Carli and her co-worker Hank (Ed Asner).  He is very funny as the war veteran turned deli worker!

If you are looking for a show that is more real than any reality show out there, tune into Working Class on Friday nights at 8 pm ET/PT on CMT.

Disclosure:  I wrote this post in order to receive a chance to win a gift card on One 2 One Network.  This post includes my own personal opinions about this television show.  I was under no obligation to write a positive review of the show.
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