February 3, 2011

Aloha Friday - Gameday!

I'm feeling in need of a quick getaway to Hawaii but I can't afford a trip right now so I'm going to pretend that I'm in Hawaii on a beautiful beach saying "Aloha" to all the passersby!  Want to join my fantasy?  Head over to An Island Life and participate in Aloha Friday where we relax a little and ask one simple question of our readers.  This week, since it's Super Bowl Sunday, mine is a questions related to special game days.

What are your favorite foods to eat during a big game?

Some of my favorite foods to eat during a large sporting event are fun appetizers like my mother's famous appetizer meatballs and my mother-in-law's delicious lil' smokies.  I also love warm dips like spinach artichoke dip and chili dip with cream cheese!  I'm hungry just thinking about these foods!

So, let me know what you like to eat and be aware that I may be contacting you for recipes!
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  1. I like tacos, nachos, mozzarella sticks and fried shrimp.

  2. I love the appetizer meatballs and lil' smokies, too! But my absolute favorite is sourdough bread with spinach dip - I'm the one who usually brings the round loaf with the middle cut out to make it into a bowl with the dip in the middle and the cut out pieces around it. :) Now I'm hungry! :)

    Aloha: Where Do You Blog?

  3. Chips, dip, pizza, wings...meatballs..

  4. Wings, Pigs in a blanket and meatballs

  5. Hot bowl of Chili, Pizza, natchos and hot bean/cheese dip.

  6. I heard a rumor that we were grilling steaks. Hope it's true.

    Have a great day!

  7. wings and potato skins!

  8. I'll eat anything, but burgers and hotdogs rule! :)

    Have a warm weekend!

  9. What big game? *grin, smirk*

  10. Appetizers! Love the fresh veggies & dip. JUNK FOOD! Why do they serve something else? ~hehe~ Breaded Cauliflower, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Cheese sticks mmmmm


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