March 10, 2011

Aloha Friday!

Welcome to another Aloha Friday where we sit back and take it easy just like they do in Hawaii!  Head over to An Island Life to participate or find some more blogs who are sittin' back and relaxing.  All you have to do is answer one simple question:

Do you wear green on St. Patrick's Day?

I don't usually plan on it because I'm not Irish, but I have so much green in my wardrobe that I usually end up in something green!

Happy Friday!
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  1. No, I haven't done that since I was in elementary.

  2. Yes I do - mostly because one of my favorite tops happens to be green. ;)

    Aloha: Weather

  3. If I can remember to.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. yes my family is Irish and takes it seriously ;)Besides I don't want to get pinched!

  5. My mom is Irish so I try to, sometimes I forget.

    My Aloha Friday is HERE

  6. Yes, we are very Irish in our family so it's pretty much required! I also give the kids Gold Coins from the Leprechaun -- he leaves them on their bed so they find them when they wake up :-)

  7. Yes, I do! Who Likes to be pinched!

  8. No I don't have green in my wardrobe and I don't dress for holidays per se.


  9. When I was teaching, I would always have a green shirt and my St. Patrick's Day socks on. Will be traveling this year and not sure what I will do.


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