June 1, 2011

10 Tips for Summer Road Safety

Summertime is getting close and so are those fun family road trips that always take place when the kids are out of school and the weather is clear and warm.  We all want to make sure that we get our families safely to our destinations so here are some simple tips to keeping your family safe on the roadways this summer season.

  1. Get a tune-up!  Make sure before embarking on any road trip, short or long, that your vehicle is running at it's best.  Take your car to your local mechanic and have them do a quick tune-up including an oil change and topping off of all your fluids.  This will not only ensure you avoid burning up your engine but it can also increase your gas mileage!
  2. Check in with relatives along the way.  Make sure that someone else knows about your plans and where you will be every night and check in with them when you reach your destination.  I know my mom doesn't sleep until she knows I am where I say I am, even at the age of 34!  If something should happen, you've got someone looking out for you.
  3. Check your tires.  Blown tires are not fun and definitely not safe so make sure that your tires are inflated to the correct pressure and that they are free of any rocks or glass in the tread.  Once again, healthy tires can affect your gas mileage in a positive way and goodness knows that gas prices are high enough that most of us are trying to be more efficient so that we can spend the extra cash on fun stuff!
  4. Have a spare.  Just in case there is an accident and your do blow a tire, make sure you have a spare in your vehicle.  Newer cars are almost always equipped with a spare so if you have a newer car just make sure you know how to change the tire and that the spare is inflated correctly.
  5. Have provisions on hand.  My parents always took a cooler or two filled with drinks and snacks whenever we went out on a road trip.  It's so important to keep hydrated and have some emergency snacks and drinks just in case of an unforeseen problem.
  6. Know your route.  Once again, this was an essential component of  my family's road trips when I was young.  My dad always mapped out our routes and know exactly where we were going.  Nowadays, there are GPS devices that we shouldn't lost but those devices are not always correct so make sure you have a back map in case your GPS sends you the wrong direction.
  7. Drive safely!  This should be done all the time, especially with children in the car, but sometimes we need to be reminded that there are speed limits for a reason and exceeding those speed limits can be detrimental.  Give yourself some extra time to get where you are going so that you don't make life altering decisions behind the wheel.
  8. Know when to take a break.  Driving can be very tiring, especially in the heat of the summer.  Take short breaks to get up and stretch your legs.  This will also help keep your blood flowing and your mind sharp.  If you need a longer break, don't be proud.  Your family's safety could depend on it!
  9. Replace those wipers!  Windshield wipers can get dried out in the summer sun and heat so before you embark on a road trip, replace the blades in your wipers.  They are inexpensive and could be important if you should encounter a sudden downpour.
  10. Money talks!  I always make it a point to carry a small amount of cash (I'm talking less than $100) when I'm traveling.  You never know when you could happen upon a small business in the middle of nowhere who doesn't take Visa.  Just remember, cash is accepted everywhere!
I hope these tips are reminders that more planning is involved in a vacation that just hotel reservations.  Safelite Autoglass wants to remind us all that a chip in your windshield can easily turn into a crack at any time, especially in extreme temperatures.  Repairing the chip is often more economical and just as safe as replacing the entire windshield.  A repair usually takes around 30 minutes with the result of a strong windshield and almost no visible scar.  All of this and most insurance companies will not even charge a deductible for the repair!

Be safe this summer and enjoy those family road trips!  Those memories are some of my most favorite from childhood and I can't wait to make those memories with my own children someday.

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