July 19, 2011

iolo's System Mechanic {Christmas in July Sponsor Spotlight}

Have you ever had your computer, either desktop or laptop move so slow that it was painful for you to sit there and watch it?  Well, if you've ever had a computer you've probably experienced some sort of slowness.  We have so many different programs and stuff that can bog down the memory on our computers so wouldn't it be nice if you had access to a program that would help keep your computer running at it's optimum capacity?  iolo technologies, LLC has just the program for you!  It's called System Mechanic and it really works to help speed up and fix your PC.

System Mechanic is a great program that takes just minutes to scan your computer and help you optimize the memory .  It gets rid of unnecessary files, programs and history by cleaning up Windows.  System Mechanic also eliminates root problems that are leading to the slowness and restores stability and performance.  If I knew more about computers, I would talk about all of the technical aspects of System Mechanic but I don't so I'll just tell you about my personal experience with System Mechanic.

My laptop is 6 years old and has been used for both personal and business purposes so there was a lot of extras loaded on the laptop that was bogging it down.  It would take forever to load up and even opening up the internet program took a few minutes.  I am pretty impatient so this wasn't working for me at all!  When I loaded System Mechanic and it started running the scan, it literally sped up my computer!  I was able to shut down and boot up the laptop in no time.  It cleaned up some of the old systems that were running unnecessarily which helped a lot with opening my internet program.  All in all, it worked really well on my older laptop.  For $39.95, it is a very good buy if you are like me, impatient and can't stand waiting for your slow computer to boot up.

Disclosure:  I was given a free license from iolo technologies for this product and was not under any obligation to write a positive review or offer a giveaway.  All opinions are my own.

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