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I am a 35 year old married woman still waiting to start a family of my own (hopefully within the next year or so).  My husband and I own a fitness center in our small community and try to keep up our own health and fitness while each working two jobs.  Sometimes this is a struggle but we try our hardest to remain role models for our membership.  We have an adorable nephew (4 years old) and beautiful niece (2 years old) who I love to spoil rotten!


Clothing and accessories for myself, my husband and our nephew and niece.
Household cleaning products.
Any and all food items.
Kitchen, cooking and/or baking items.
Beauty products/supplies.
Personal care items.
Computer games.
Technology products.
Homemade items.
Any children's products/toys for our nephew and niece.

I would be thrilled to review anything else that doesn't relate to these categories.  I would never pass up a good product!


I require a product sample to be sent for me to review and keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the product.  I like to use photos in every review so if there are logos or stock photos that you would like me to use, please include them in an email to me.  If you prefer that I use personal photos, I can also fulfill that request.  My opinions are honest, however if the product does not meet my personal satisfaction I will email you and ask if you would like me to post my honest feelings or if you would like me to refrain from posting the review.  My personal goal is to post a review within 2 weeks of receiving the product.  Sometimes life takes over and I can't meet that deadline.  Please let me know if this review is time sensitive and I will react accordingly.  Once my review is posted, I will contact you with the link for your information.

I love to offer giveaways for my readers!  If you would like to offer your product as a giveaway, I require that you (the sponsor) ship the product to the winner.  My giveaways run for two weeks (unless you would like a shorter or longer time frame) and I will contact you with the mailing address of the winner.  Please also let me know if you are willing to ship to Canada or if you would like to stay within the United States. 

Thank you for your interest in advertising! Giveaways and More is a growing community with  loyal followers who can help get your product information out into the blogging world through a review and/or giveaway to create new customers for you or your clients.  I am compliant with current FTC regulations and continue to attract new followers everyday.

If you are interested in advertising on my site, please contact me for rates.
Our readers are mostly married women with children or grandchildren. However, there are a few younger female subscribers and men who are married with children.

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